Pediatric Care

Just as most children usually have a pediatric (child) physician, there are also dentists that see only children. While our office has patients of all ages, we pride ourselves in our ability to care for your little ones and comfort them in the dental chair, making it an exciting experience for both the child and the parents.

Before bringing your child to their first dental appointment, here are a few tips on how you can help make this a calm experience:

• A week or two prior to the appointment, talk to your child about the upcoming visit and go over what is going to be done (Dentist will count your teeth, brush them, make sure there are no cavities, etc..

• If the child has recently been seen by their physician and have received immunizations (shots), you should wait a good amount of time before bringing them to the dentist. They most likely will relate the two and be fearful before being seen.

It is a good idea to get the dental visit done before the medical checkup.

If my child has cavities in their baby teeth, do i need to get them filled? This is a question that is asked more than you would think! YES, if they have cavities, they need to be treated appropriately. Baby teeth remain in a child's mouth until age 12 or more, we want to assure a healthy environment in your child' mouth for the new permanant teeth that are erupting.

Also if your child has a cavity in a baby molar, this tooth is supposed to stay in the mouth until age 10-12. If not treated the tooth may decay further, causing an infection in the tooth, leading to more invasive treatment (Pulpotomy, pulpectomy, stainless steel crown) and may even end up being prematurely extracted. If a tooth ends up getting prematurely extracted, it may lead to space issues for the new permanant teeth, and your child may end up needing a space maintainer. Just get the cavities filled, It's easy!

*In some cases a specialist is needed to assure the best possible care for your child. Our Dentists can decide what is best and will be happy to fill out a referral to a specialist if needed

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